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Smart Home Monitors

Home Security Made Easier with Smart Home Monitors

In an age where technology is being a common prerequisite in homes, especially in the modern age – where crime rates are getting higher by the annum – an estimated 38% increase in home-related crimes from home invasion, burglary and even high risk crimes such as homicide, we really need to do the necessary precautions […]

smart home technology

Smart Home Technology soaring to new heights with the Vivint Smart Home Arena

Utah Jazz fans would soon be informed as well as experience smart home technology as the EnergySolutions Arena is about to upgrade to something… smart. Now known as the Vivint Smart Home Arena, this place would provide the smart home experience to entice people to switch to smart home technology. This would be a great […]

smart home hubs

Logitech Harmony Hub – More Smart Home Hubs have entered the Race

Just about a week ago, consumers who are still using Z-Wave or Zigbee technology are in for a treat as Logitech just announced that they are adding another worthy product for their smart home hubs – the Harmony Home Hub Extender. This smart home hub extender is yet another fantastic release from one of the […]

smart home technology

5 Reasons to Consider Smart Home Technology in your Home

At this point in time, almost everything around us are somewhat “smart”. Be it your phone, tablet or even computer, making everything work under one network has become a reality. With the help of home automation, you can now have the power to pimp your home with smart home technology. In Australia and New Zealand […]

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Learn How Smart Homes Change Lives

In a recent article from Washington Post regarding smart homes, they discussed how one person made it a lot easier for him to watch over his mother despite being an hour away from his mom’s house. With the use of today’s smart home devices, it is possible to take care of someone using home automation […]

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is going to be a Smart Home Device Game-Changer

Windows 10 is officially rolling out on July 29, 2015 and everyone in the tech industry is both excited and anxious as to what we are about to experience. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors as it comes with features that both veteran users and beginners […]

smart home devices

Security Research Engineer Claims Smart Home Devices Are Not 100% Safe

While some people have blindly followed the smart home bandwagon, a security research engineer has claimed that smart home security needs more work especially from hacker attacks. According to Colby Moore, a security research engineer from Synack – a cybersecurity firm – the state of these smart home devices are pretty atrocious at best. According […]

Australian Smart Homes

What Can An Australian Smart Home Do This 2015?

  Just last month, the Smart Home World Convention in London showed consumers what today’s smart homes have to offer. For a lot of Australian smart home owners, they find the technologies around to be more than enough to get you started. A number of people, on the other hand, find that there’s still room […]

smart home technology

US-Based Mobile Carriers Set to Showcase Smart Home Technology as Added Feature

A few mobile carriers in the United States have already started offering smart home technology bundled with their smartphones. Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more popular, it’s not a surprise that tier 1 mobile service providers like AT&T and Rogers, just to name a few, have started to offer […]