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Logitech Harmony Hub – More Smart Home Hubs have entered the Race

Just about a week ago, consumers who are still using Z-Wave or Zigbee technology are in for a treat as Logitech just announced that they are adding another worthy product for their smart home hubs – the Harmony Home Hub Extender. This smart home hub extender is yet another fantastic release from one of the […]

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Samsung is now joining the Battle for Smart Home Device Supremacy

Just like Apple, Google, and now, Microsoft, Samsung has found great potential in the still-young smart home device world as more and more big-name investors are diving in and joining the battle for supremacy. Samsung has unveiled their Smart Things line that is dedicated to home automation during the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. People […]

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Smart Homes – Do You Really Need Home Automation Devices?

For some people, wondering about getting home automation devices has been bugging their minds for quite some time now. Whether it is due to negligence (forgetting to turn off your appliances or electronics when you leave your home) or for security reasons, switching to a smart home is always a good move especially if you […]

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is going to be a Smart Home Device Game-Changer

Windows 10 is officially rolling out on July 29, 2015 and everyone in the tech industry is both excited and anxious as to what we are about to experience. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors as it comes with features that both veteran users and beginners […]

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Five of the Best Smart Home Starter Kits this 2015

When it comes to smart home starter kits, it is important to find the best one that will suit your everyday needs when you’re at home or even when you are away. The beauty about getting a starter kit rather than buying piece by piece is that you will have the opportunity to start with […]

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Security Research Engineer Claims Smart Home Devices Are Not 100% Safe

While some people have blindly followed the smart home bandwagon, a security research engineer has claimed that smart home security needs more work especially from hacker attacks. According to Colby Moore, a security research engineer from Synack – a cybersecurity firm – the state of these smart home devices are pretty atrocious at best. According […]

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Smart Home Devices Has a New Competitor In Town – Google Brillo

It looks like there’s another competitor who wants to take control over the Internet of Things. According to Google, Brillo is an AndroidOS-Based solution for home automation as it targets to have these gear to be featured in upcoming smart household devices. While Brillo is just a basic version of Google Android, it will still […]