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IoT Technology

Is the IoT Technology not for everyone?

Iot Technology and the Mass Consumers When the first smartphone came out, everyone had to learn how to operate it. Let’s just say, everyone started from square one. But just like anywhere in life, while some had little-to-no issues figuring it out, some struggled a bit. Today, consumers are facing the same dilemma with the […]

Internet of Things

Internet of Things – Netherland’s Smart Home Technology

Internet of Things in Netherland is going to create a smart home network nationwide It looks like the Netherlands is going to be the first country in the world to fully support and utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) network. KPN, a Dutch telecoms group, has been planning for home automation for quite a while […]

smart home hackers

Smart Home Security Tips – How to beat Smart Home Hackers

Smart Home Hackers are real – What You Need to Know It’s not a clear surprise for several smart home device manufacturers that their products are susceptible to hacking. Given that smart home hackers are still learning ways to exploit home automation devices, there’s still hope to battle these exploits. Consumers today who are hesitant […]

aeotec z-wave LED bulb

Smart Home Future – Amazing Products of the Future, Today

Smart Home Future – Featured Home Automation Products this 2016 Smart Home Future is really happening now. Almost everything can be controlled inside your home if you have the means, as well as the technology for it. When it comes to home automation, the battle for the best smart home controller is still ongoing. With […]

home automation technology

Home Automation Technology will be offered in US Real Estate Homes

Home automation technology is finally getting mainstream acknowledgement especially in the world of real estate. According to real estate research in Miami, Florida, smart home technology is a vital selling point for potential homebuyers. The future is looking very convenient for future homeowners in the United States. According to John Wesley, a freelance real estate […]

Smart Home Technology – Common Devices We See Today

Smart home technology has really come a very long way considering the advancements as well as technological breakthroughs developers have been working on for so long. Today, we have a lot to talk about regarding home automation. How common are smart home devices nowadays? You will know the answer soon enough. Things are really going […]

home automation technology

Home Automation Technology will be highlighted in CES 2016

  Home Automation technology is getting bigger than ever. As we welcome 2016, there have already been huge speculations as to what will home automation bring to our lifestyle this year. The upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show looks very promising this year as it looks to feature smart homes, smart cars as well as virtual […]

smart home australia gen5 z-wave

Homes Now Made Smarter, Safer with Gen5 Z-Wave

The Internet of Things and the rise of home automation technology have revolutionised the way people go about their daily lives. When we talk of home automation, it can range from the very basic like having a lamp turn on when one enters the room, to the most detailed such as having lights shine brighter […]

smart home technology

Smart Home Technology soaring to new heights with the Vivint Smart Home Arena

Utah Jazz fans would soon be informed as well as experience smart home technology as the EnergySolutions Arena is about to upgrade to something… smart. Now known as the Vivint Smart Home Arena, this place would provide the smart home experience to entice people to switch to smart home technology. This would be a great […]