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Smart Technology is changing the way we live

Smart Technology and the benefits that comes with it Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT) aka the future. This is a world where we use smart home devices to control our living experience to make it better by a tenfold. Because of smart technology, consumers are finally experiencing what it feels like to have […]

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Smart Home Remotes with style – The Volkswagen & LG Smart Car

Smart Home Remotes with Volkswagen just got classier In today’s modern luxury living, smart homes are becoming more and more of a necessity. Consumers today are experiencing the future. But here’s something you haven’t seen just yet. You’ve heard of smart home remotes, sure. But how about a car being the actual remote? Yes, folks. […]

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Affordable Smart Home Controller for the Masses Coming Soon

  Affordable smart home controllers are coming very soon to the common people as a Bengaluru-Based startup company aims to launch their line of home automation devices that would make the masses capable of setting up their own smart home network. 2016 is a very, very exciting time for smart home aficionados as we are […]

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Australian Smart Homes will be in every home by 2025

Australian smart homes are getting slightly more and more popular as the day goes by. Now that more Australians are hearing about the benefits of home automation, experts believe that by the year 2025, there will be a smart home device in every home. According to a recent research done by Americans, they are expecting […]


Home Automation Devices are the perfect gift for the Holidays

Have you ever considered giving home automation devices as a form of gift for the holidays? If you haven’t, you still have time to do so. When it comes to safety, security as well as convenience, you will never find an even better gift than the Internet of Things. With these gadgets at their disposal, […]

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Samsung is now joining the Battle for Smart Home Device Supremacy

Just like Apple, Google, and now, Microsoft, Samsung has found great potential in the still-young smart home device world as more and more big-name investors are diving in and joining the battle for supremacy. Samsung has unveiled their Smart Things line that is dedicated to home automation during the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. People […]

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Smart Homes – Do You Really Need Home Automation Devices?

For some people, wondering about getting home automation devices has been bugging their minds for quite some time now. Whether it is due to negligence (forgetting to turn off your appliances or electronics when you leave your home) or for security reasons, switching to a smart home is always a good move especially if you […]