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Telstra smart homes

Telstra Smart Homes for Australia

Telstra Smart Homes to showcase their upcoming IoT devices to Australian consumers It looks like Australia is getting ready for smart home technology after all. Just a few days ago, Telstra has showcased 10 of their best home automation devices for consumers who are looking to experience the future of modern luxury living. With Telstra’s […]

australian smart homes

Australian Smart Homes – Where are they now?

Australian Smart Homes and why are they Unpopular It’s not a surprise that unlike the United States and Europe, Australian smart homes are still very hard to spot today. Despite the uprising of lucrative smart home real estate properties being sold elsewhere in the world, smart homes in the land down under is a work […]

Australian smart homes

Australian Smart Homes will be in every home by 2025

Australian smart homes are getting slightly more and more popular as the day goes by. Now that more Australians are hearing about the benefits of home automation, experts believe that by the year 2025, there will be a smart home device in every home. According to a recent research done by Americans, they are expecting […]

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Smart Homes – Do You Really Need Home Automation Devices?

For some people, wondering about getting home automation devices has been bugging their minds for quite some time now. Whether it is due to negligence (forgetting to turn off your appliances or electronics when you leave your home) or for security reasons, switching to a smart home is always a good move especially if you […]

Australian Smart Homes

What Can An Australian Smart Home Do This 2015?

  Just last month, the Smart Home World Convention in London showed consumers what today’s smart homes have to offer. For a lot of Australian smart home owners, they find the technologies around to be more than enough to get you started. A number of people, on the other hand, find that there’s still room […]


Smart Homes Help Improve Sustainable Living As Well as Unmatched Convenience

  It is quite amazing how much home automation has been developing over the years. Today, more and more Australian and New Zealand smart homes are able to combine sustainable living to correlate with their smart homes. Imagine having to grow your own hydroponic garden without even taking care of the maintenance. Yes, that is […]