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Product Description

The Z-Wave Vera Lite Home Controller is a wireless home automation system that manages and controls your Z-Wave devices.

  • No monthly fee – Secure, remote access over web and mobile phone is FREE
  • Guaranteed compatibility with ALL Z-Wave devices
  • Energy monitoring capabilities
  • Open APIs – Open architecture allows you to create new Apps to offer to all Vera users
  • Compatible with smart phone applications
  • No broadband connection needed for local control

The Z-Wave Vera Lite Home Controller is a smart, flexible Z-Wave controller with a user friendly interface designed for users that already have a Wi-Fi router and want to add home control.

The Z-Wave Vera Lite Home Controller runs the same home control engine as the Z-Wave Vera 3 Home Controller and comes with all the capabilities of user interface 5 (UI5). The only difference is that this device is a more affordable model created for light users.

This product is capable of managing up to 70 devices in your Z-Wave network at home or in the office. You have unlimited options for scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications.

The Z-Wave Vera Lite Home Controller is a perfect fit for anyone looking for:

  • Easy Home Security – Vera Lite manages cameras, controls door locks and alerts you to activity when needed
  • Reducing Energy Bills – Vera Lite lets you see and control household energy consumption
  • Important alerts – Vera Lite can send important alerts when one of your Z-Wave sensors picks up a disturbance in your household or office
  • Automatic comfort settings – Vera Lite can automatically adjust your household temperature and lighting settings to suit your needs
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