REMOTEC Z-Wave Adv Remote


Product Description

The DHS-ZRC-100 Advanced Remote control from Remotec supports latest Z-Wave protocol and functions. It is able to control its own Z-Wave network as the primary controller and works well together with an IP Gateway (like Vera3/Lite) as a secondary controller controlling scene activation as well as individual device control.

It works with almost every Z-Wave enabled devices, binary switches, dimmers, thermostats, secured door locks, binary or multi-level sensors. Users can control their Z-Wave enabled devices individually or through “Scene” control. Scene is a collection of Z-Wave devices configured to a user-preferred settings, levels, modes or operating conditions. The DHS-ZRC-100 also equipped with a backlit LCD screen and an intelligent Self Navigated Button (SNB) system. Users can setup and operate their Z-Wave devices through the LCD and the SNB system using their DHS-ZRC-100, and enjoy a networked, wireless home automation system anywhere at home.
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