REMOTEC Z-Wave A/C Controller


Product Description

Use Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway to control your Air Conditioner(with IR interface).

The Z-Wave A/C Controller is a Z‐Wave to IR extender for air-conditioner (AC), it works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or controller by translating Z-Wave Thermostat Commands to AC IR control code. User can select the IR code from the built‐in code library of Z-Wave A/C Controller, or use learning function, by using Z-Wave Configuration Commands according to the parameter table. Z-Wave A/C Controller is also with built‐in temperature sensor which allows gateway or controller to get the current room temperature.
Z-Wave A/C Controller can be configured as either “Frequently Listening Routing Slaves” (FLiRS) or “Always Listening” node after exclusion process (before inclusion process). FLiRS node type is for battery operated applications and it will enter sleep mode frequently in order to conserve battery consumption that can provide the flexibility if there is out of 5Vdc power source. Also, user can place the unit in anywhere at home. Always Listening node type is for the needs of fast response application. It works with 5Vdc power source. Always Listening node can act as a repeater, which will re‐transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacle and radio dead spots.
Z-Wave A/C Controller supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and Explore Frames. It also supports Z‐Wave networks with multiple gateways and controllers. Like every Z‐Wave accessory, user will need to include the Z-Wave A/C Controller into their Z‐Wave network using the primary controller. Then, the user can use either the primary controller or secondary controller to configure and setup the Z-Wave A/C Controller using Z‐Wave’s configuration command class. Once the configuration and setup is complete, the controller can use Z‐Wave “Thermostat commands class” to control their IR‐controlled air‐conditioner through the Z-Wave A/C Controller.
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