AEOTEC Z-Wave Range Extender


Product Description

Amplify all Z-Wave signals within your Z-Wave network by plugging in the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater. The repeater provides a simple solution for weak signals by receiving commands and passing them onto their final destination, ensuring adequate signal strength over long distances. The repeater’s small size doesn’t cover up nearby outlets, so you can boost your network without sacrificing a second plug. Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames.

Small, yet powerful Z-Wave signal repeater for extending your Z-Wave mesh network. Ideal for fail-overs and boosting overall signal strength between devices which reside far apart.


The AEOTEC Z-Wave Range Extender is everything you will need to extend the range of your home automation network. When it comes to home automation in Australia, you can expect the best out of this Z-Wave range extender as it has the capability to boost and repeat your network signal in different places of your home that needs wireless home automation.


Don’t let your home automation devices not sync up because of a lack of a wireless repeater and extender, with this Z-Wave range extender, you can expect these types of issues to be a thing of the past. Get your very own AEOTEC Z-Wave Ranger Extender today and improve your home automation in Australia with better performing devices.


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