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Aeotec Z-Wave LED light

How to Make Your Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light Work Seamlessly With Vera Lite

The Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light bulb is a perfect entry-level smart home device for all your lighting automation needs. This LED light bulb is dimmable and comes with RGBW colors. Since it is the 5th generation of Aeotec LED light bulbs, you can expect new things to come your way. However, there are several users […]

Smart Home Monitors

Home Security Made Easier with Smart Home Monitors

In an age where technology is being a common prerequisite in homes, especially in the modern age – where crime rates are getting higher by the annum – an estimated 38% increase in home-related crimes from home invasion, burglary and even high risk crimes such as homicide, we really need to do the necessary precautions […]


Australian Smart Homes – Tips on How to Get Started Right

There are a lot of Australian smart homes surfacing all over the country in the recent years due to the fact that automation can really make things a lot more convenient for you. There is this common misconception that you have to spend a lot of money to get started, but you really just have […]