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smart home network

How Smart Technology can make you the best neighbor

Smart Technology can make your home the best neighborhood watch Ever wondered how safe your neighborhood really is? In Australia alone, according to a recent survey conducted by Numbeo, the crime rate in Australia is not that bad compared to the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean however that we are always truly safe. […]

smart home hackers

Smart Home Security Tips – How to beat Smart Home Hackers

Smart Home Hackers are real – What You Need to Know It’s not a clear surprise for several smart home device manufacturers that their products are susceptible to hacking. Given that smart home hackers are still learning ways to exploit home automation devices, there’s still hope to battle these exploits. Consumers today who are hesitant […]

smart home lighting

Smart Home Lighting – Amazing products that will maximize your lighting needs

Smart home lighting is one of the best highlights in every smart home out there. It wouldn’t be a surprise considering that most of us rely on artificial lighting. Consumers who are new to smart home technology will be highly pleased with what a simple light automation can do to improve your home life. Let’s […]

Smart Home Technology – Common Devices We See Today

Smart home technology has really come a very long way considering the advancements as well as technological breakthroughs developers have been working on for so long. Today, we have a lot to talk about regarding home automation. How common are smart home devices nowadays? You will know the answer soon enough. Things are really going […]

smart homes

Can Smart Homes Improve Household Relationships?

Smart homes are amazing. It gives us the convenience to do things that we have hated doing – chores. Sometimes, small and tedious activities like turning the lights on at night and cleaning the floors can be stressful for some. Fortunately, smart home devices are here to make things a little bit better. Craig and […]

apple homekit

Apple HomeKit – is Apple ready for the Smart Home Industry?

When the Apple HomeKit was announced about a year ago, everyone in the smart home industry was excited that a major player like Apple is open to home automation technology. Even before that, Microsoft and Google also expressed their interest in joining the fray. Now that 2016 is here, how are things going on with […]

USB Z-Stick

USB Z-Stick – How to Use the Z-Wave Plus like a Pro

Have you recently purchased a Z-Wave Plus USB Z-Stick from Aeon Labs and you’re having problems operating it? Don’t get discouraged as we’re here to help you out. With this guide, SmartHome.City will help you get the most out of your smart home device. This self-powered Z-Wave Plus USB Z-Stick along with the Zensys API […]