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Smart Home Technology – Common Devices We See Today

Smart home technology has really come a very long way considering the advancements as well as technological breakthroughs developers have been working on for so long. Today, we have a lot to talk about regarding home automation. How common are smart home devices nowadays? You will know the answer soon enough. Things are really going […]

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Can Smart Homes Improve Household Relationships?

Smart homes are amazing. It gives us the convenience to do things that we have hated doing – chores. Sometimes, small and tedious activities like turning the lights on at night and cleaning the floors can be stressful for some. Fortunately, smart home devices are here to make things a little bit better. Craig and […]

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Australian Smart Homes will be in every home by 2025

Australian smart homes are getting slightly more and more popular as the day goes by. Now that more Australians are hearing about the benefits of home automation, experts believe that by the year 2025, there will be a smart home device in every home. According to a recent research done by Americans, they are expecting […]


Home Automation Devices are the perfect gift for the Holidays

Have you ever considered giving home automation devices as a form of gift for the holidays? If you haven’t, you still have time to do so. When it comes to safety, security as well as convenience, you will never find an even better gift than the Internet of Things. With these gadgets at their disposal, […]

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Homes Now Made Smarter, Safer with Gen5 Z-Wave

The Internet of Things and the rise of home automation technology have revolutionised the way people go about their daily lives. When we talk of home automation, it can range from the very basic like having a lamp turn on when one enters the room, to the most detailed such as having lights shine brighter […]

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Logitech Harmony Hub – More Smart Home Hubs have entered the Race

Just about a week ago, consumers who are still using Z-Wave or Zigbee technology are in for a treat as Logitech just announced that they are adding another worthy product for their smart home hubs – the Harmony Home Hub Extender. This smart home hub extender is yet another fantastic release from one of the […]

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5 Reasons to Consider Smart Home Technology in your Home

At this point in time, almost everything around us are somewhat “smart”. Be it your phone, tablet or even computer, making everything work under one network has become a reality. With the help of home automation, you can now have the power to pimp your home with smart home technology. In Australia and New Zealand […]

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Learn How Smart Homes Change Lives

In a recent article from Washington Post regarding smart homes, they discussed how one person made it a lot easier for him to watch over his mother despite being an hour away from his mom’s house. With the use of today’s smart home devices, it is possible to take care of someone using home automation […]

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Samsung is now joining the Battle for Smart Home Device Supremacy

Just like Apple, Google, and now, Microsoft, Samsung has found great potential in the still-young smart home device world as more and more big-name investors are diving in and joining the battle for supremacy. Samsung has unveiled their Smart Things line that is dedicated to home automation during the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. People […]