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Smart Home Voice Automation – The Future of Smart Home Living

Smart Home Voice Automation is getting more and more popular among Consumers Voice automation is starting to become a huge thing among smart home device manufacturers. This year alone, we have seen three amazing voice-activated home automation gadgets that act as the heart and soul of your smart home network. Google Home, Amazon Echo and […]

smart home convenience

Smart Home Convenience – Home Automation for Veterans

Smart Home Convenience for a cause – Josh Duhamel help raise awareness about disabled veterans A campaign has been established just last May, 2016 regarding smart homes for the disabled veterans. This campaign is aimed to empower injured American veterans into living independently. The age of home automation is here and all the necessary smart […]

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Smart Home Future – Amazing Products of the Future, Today

Smart Home Future – Featured Home Automation Products this 2016 Smart Home Future is really happening now. Almost everything can be controlled inside your home if you have the means, as well as the technology for it. When it comes to home automation, the battle for the best smart home controller is still ongoing. With […]

smart home industry

Smart Home Industry is getting bigger in the Mass Consumer Market

Smart Home Industry – What does it take to be Globally-Acclaimed? Yes. You’ve heard it right. The smart home industry is getting bigger and bigger by the day. With a projected net worth of over 58 billion USD by 2020, it seems like the Internet of Things (IoT) is one step closer to becoming a […]

Smart Home Standards

Smart Home Standards – Do We Really Need Exclusivity?

Smart Home Standards are taking a New Look at Diversity Home automation has been around for some time now and it is finally getting the attention it truly deserves. Now that a great amount of people are knowledgeable when it comes to smart home technology, various developers are looking for ways to bridge various smart […]

smart home convenience

Smart Home Convenience for the Elderly

Smart Home Convenience – How the Elderly can benefit from Home Automation Technology Smart home technology has really come a long way. Who would have thought that these smart devices are actually capable of helping out the elderly in terms of making their lives simple? Today’s home automation technology offers a lot of benefits to […]

google home

Google Home – A Smart Home Controller that will rival Alexa

Google Home looks to take the fight to Amazon’s Alexa Roughly two days ago, an event held by Google in Mountain View, California gave smart home enthusiasts a new glimpse of what’s to come in the industry. Google is looking to take a commanding lead when it comes to home automation controllers with the help […]

smart home real estate

Smart Home Real Estate Education by Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Smart Home Real Estate Education Curriculum for the Coldwell Banker Network Yes, you heard it right. One of the most established real estate firms in the United States is offering a crash course related to smart home education. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, one of the pioneers of Silicon Valley’s real estate ventures, recently announced […]

smart home stores

Smart Home Stores – London has a Physical Store for IoT

Smart home stores are usually limited to online transactions until recently. In London, there is a department store named John Lewis, which specializes in smart home technology. This place offers 1,000 square feet of space for various smart home devices. If you are looking to see firsthand what the Internet of Things (IoT) is all […]