Home Automation Real Estate – Home Sales Geared to Smart Technology

Home automation real estate is currently on the rise thanks to buyers looking for smart homes

home automation real estate

Thanks to home automation technology, the prime real estate markets around the world are finding more and more people being interested in smart homes. Since 2016, the home automation real estate market has been the talk of the town. A lot of buyers are looking into buying a smart home because of the added feature.

Surprisingly, the trend continues today and the demand grows even larger! Companies like Coldwell Banker and CNET just showed everyone in the United States the potential of the home automation real estate market.

The Home Automation Real Estate Study by Coldwell and CNET

home automation real estate

According to the results of their study, over 81% of the participants are willing to live in a smart home if the opportunity presented itself. When asked if they would rather upgrade their current home into a smart home or live in a home equipped with the technology, the majority said that they would rather move in to a new home.

Because of the fact that lot of these participants feel that smart technology is a premium feature, it’s clear why they feel like moving into a new home is better than making your current home “smarter.” Since Coldwell Banker has been a staple when it comes to the real estate market, it truly makes sense why they believe that smart homes will sell easier.

Aside from home plans and add-ons, Coldwell is looking to add different smart home starter kits and packages to potential buyers. According to them, they find it easier to sell ordinary homes that are equipped with smart home technology. This is why home automation real estate exists today.

home automation real estate

The Coldwell Banker Nest Package

If you are a home buyer and you would like to take advantage of the home automation real estate market, Coldwell is your best bet. Equipped with Nest gadgets, you have the option to get the complete package or start small.

From smart locks to fully automated monitoring devices, NEST has your back. Combine your devices with other compatible smart home devices and you are one step closer into becoming fully automated. Here is their complete line of products available at the moment:

August Smart Lock – use your smartphone as the key to your home with the help of the August Smart Lock.

August Connect – need a more reliable button/key for your August Smart Lock, this device has your back.

Nest Learning Thermostat – Program it once, it will take care of your preferred temperature day in, day out.

Nest Protect – a multi-sensor that can alarm you about carbon monoxide and/or smoke via your smartphone.

Nest Cam – your eye away from home! A Smart camera that has 1080p HD quality video is perfect for watching over your home.

home automation real estate

Home Automation Real Estate Worldwide

home automation real estate

Large corporations all over the world are finally adapting to the Internet of Things (IoT). From Japan, to Australia, to Europe, almost every major company is starting to offer smart technology. And it makes sense. If you offer smart home products to existing subscribers, they are more inclined to try it out.

home automation real estate

Because of the added service, it would be easier for consumers to get hooked on smart home technology without doing a lot of research. Sure, it’s important to know about various smart home controllers. However, if you’re a normal consumer who doesn’t want to be bothered with all the semantics, easier is better.

This is the current situation of the home automation real estate industry. It would be easier to sell smart homes to people looking for a new home than convincing them to upgrade. All they need to do is to start small. Lighting automation is usually one of the first things to prioritize. Then again, it’s always up to the consumer.

home automation real estate