Simple Home Automation – Best Way to Introduce Smart Homes to Consumers

Simple Home Automation Devices from Samsung and Logitech will push smart homes to the masses

simple home automation

As smart home technology grows popular each day, it’s no surprise to see companies like Samsung and Logitech to join in. According to the two companies, Samsung and Logitech are going to make simple home automation work.

A recent survey showed in the United States that 44 percent of Americans are ready to move in a smart home. The rest are not sure because of the challenges of operating a smart home. This is where Samsung, Logitech and Amazon, to name a few, comes into play.

Thanks to their expertise in the consumer market, they will help put smart homes into the mainstream. So what does Samsung and Logitech have to offer for the casual simple home automation user? Well, a lot!

Simple Home Automation with Logitech Pop Home Switch

simple home automation

When it comes to simplicity, the Logitech Pop Home Switch takes the cake. This amazing smart home controller can control your smart lighting, thermostat, music and more! If you find voice activated home controllers intimidating, the simple home automation device concept of Logitech’s Pop Home Switch is an excellent alternative.

Compared to other smart home controllers, Logitech Pop Home Switch got it right when it comes to simplicity. Since most of us are still familiar with switches, why not re-imagine how we use the switch? And so, the Logitech Pop Home Switch is born!

simple home automation

Plug and Pop!

Smart home control has never been easier with the Logitech Pop Home Switch. This amazing smart device is here to bridge all your complicated smart home devices and turn them into simple home automation solutions. Thanks to its broad compatibility with a lot of smart devices, you can rest assured that everything is good under the hood.

Three-Way Control!

Do you want to customize how you control the lights? Pop it once or twice. Want to customize it even more? Press and hold the trigger for your full customization options. This genius idea by Logitech Pop Home Switch will truly bridge the gap to casual consumers. If paired with Harmony, this Pop Home Switch is capable to control up to 270,000 smart home devices.


Simple Home Automation with Samsung SmartThings

simple home automation

Samsung really made things a lot easier for casual consumers to pick up their technology. Just like Z-Wave starter kits, Samsung has their own kits for sale to introduce consumers in the world of smart home technology. The key difference? SmartThings intends to work with different platforms.

One of the amazing feats of SmartThings is the ability to connect with various smart devices. In fact, even the Logitech Pop Home Switch is compatible with this amazing simple home automation technology! Look no further if you’re looking for one of the most basic smart home kit out there.

simple home automation

SmartThings Lighting and Energy

Make dumb appliances smart with the SmartThings. With appliance automation devices, you can control your night lamp using your phone or a smart home controller. You can also make your old stereo smart by hooking it up.

Because of simple home automation, you will be able to turn off unwanted electricity within your home. From energy efficiency to total convenience, Samsung’s simple home automation solutions will change your life.

SmartThings Monitoring and Security

Just like any other smart home standards, Samsung offers simple home automation devices for smart home security. From smart locks to smart cameras, SmartThings has you covered. With Samsung’s incredible line up of compatible smart devices, home automation got a lot easier.

If you are looking for a simple and complete solution for building your smart home network, Samsung SmartThings is the one you’re looking for. Casual and tech-savvy consumers will find everything they need in the SmartThings lineup.

simple home automation