Smart Security outcome for Def Con IoT Village

Smart Security for home automation devices has been put to the test this weekend at Def Con

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If we learned something about Def Con 2016, nothing is “hack-proof.” During the convention at the IoT Village, several smart security home devices were put under a microscope. The result? The majority of smart home devices today are flawed in one way or another.

During the hacking convention held at Las Vegas, Nevada, the Internet of Things (IoT) was a high-value target. And according to participants, smart home security is not that impressive. “In fact, it’s horrible” according to a smart home critic.

Def Con has an average of 15,000 attendance annually. Home automation was inspected by world-class hackers over the course of the event. Due to the rapid rise of smart homes in the consumer market, hackers as well as participants found exploits with ease.

According to several participants, there have been bugs and glitches found in various home automation devices. These are ranging from smart cameras, to smart locks. In fact, even smart sex toys weren’t safe as participants found data mining protocols inside.

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Smart Security Outcomes from Def Con 2016’s IoT Village

For people who failed to attend Def Con 2016’s IoT Village convention, don’t worry. Here are some of the highlights every smart home consumer should know about their devices:

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Smart Security need drastic improvements

From a consumer’s perspective, smart home security is going to give you peace of mind. When it comes to knowing what’s going on around your home, smart home monitors should tell you everything, right? However, if you don’t know how to make your smart home network secure, you can be a target by cyber criminals.

According to a skilled hacker who attended the convention, a simple Distributed Denial of Services attack (DDoS) is one of the most basic ways to take down a smart home network. If done correctly by cyber criminals, the homeowner could be in serious trouble.

Since all of the smart security precautions are not going to work, a home can be susceptible to attack. With that being said, what would be the use of your smart home security?

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Start-Up Companies need to think about Smart Security

During the 4-day conference, statistics showed that the majority of start-up companies with their IoT devices tend to have minimal-to-no security features and protocols. From smart home controllers to smart routers, each starter company failed the security test. According to participants, this is due to the lack of software vulnerability checks that takes place during the production and testing process.

Since the majority of IoT starter companies can’t afford the rigorous hardware and software security inspections and tests, they leave their home automation devices to consumers with vulnerabilities. Which makes these smart home devices susceptible to hacking.

With that in mind, smart security will be a big joke especially to the mass consumer market. Good thing Microsoft and other major companies are coming to the rescue.

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The Future of Smart Security

At this point in time, we can say that smart home security still has a lot of improving to do. Both security-wise and reliability, there’s still a lot of hole to fix. Everything has a workaround.

The bright side, major companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple have seen potential in smart homes. These companies will hopefully break the smart security losing streak we are experiencing today. With their expertise and experience in the consumer market, all signs are pointing up.

Aside from holes found in smart home devices, smart security also plays an important role in the consumer’s side of things. If you know how to operate and protect your router from unwanted people, you are already winning the battle. Being properly informed about the Internet of Things as well as the devices it runs is just as important as security.

Despite all the negative things about smart home security, it’s nice to know that there’s still a future for home automation. Thanks to these hackers, we can seal more holes with every exploit presented to the smart home industry.