Windows 10 IoT is taking things to the next level

Windows 10 IoT deal is the current talk of the town according to Smart Home experts

When Microsoft announced sometime last year about the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). They were dead serious about making a name in the smart home industry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us considering that Bill Gates pretty much owns one. The Windows 10 IoT deal is going to be a huge game-changer, for sure.

windows 10 iot

Since a lot of people who don’t own an Apple computer are using Windows (some with Linux, of course), it should excite Windows 10 users around the globe. Thanks to the recent pact between Microsoft and the Internet of Things. With OCF and the Thread Group in play, users will have the ability to control several smart home devices with Cortana.


Windows 10 IoT – Who is Cortana?

windows 10 iot

For people who are not yet ready to upgrade to Windows 10, Cortana is your very own personal assistant. Using your computer or laptop’s microphone, you can ask Cortana about the weather, directions and more. With the Windows 10 IoT deal, you can pretty much tell Cortana to turn the lights off, or make the room warmer, call somebody and more.

Cortana being your personal smart home virtual assistant can do wonders for you. If you have the right home automation tools and devices, Cortana can help you automate it. Experience a new way of using your computer with smart home technology. From casual to experienced users, Cortana will make your computer and home experience even better!

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s Cortana is just the beginning. Now that basically every computer can be a smart home controller, expect more people to follow suit.

More about the Windows 10 IoT Deal

windows 10 iot

The Windows 10 IoT deal looks very promising considering that it will target a tech-savvy market. To make interoperability happen between various smart home devices, the Thread Group and OCF built an alliance to make it become a reality. From smart home locks, to lighting automation, consumers will have more choices.

Consumers who would follow OCF will find that there are multiple platforms available at their disposal. A quick look at the new alliance, you can already tell they are a contender in the smart home industry. The new alliance consists of Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Dell, Nest and ARM. Seeing these companies work together makes you wonder what other smart home Z-Wave alliances would do.

With a promise of bringing major IoT standards and settings into the mix, Windows 10 IoT is definitely something worth investing on. Fortunately for most computer owners, you’re already one step closer to building your smart home network. This is what Microsoft is excited for. Now, people who are curious about the technology will soon have the chance to try it.



Windows 10 IoT – release date for OCF Protocols

windows 10 iot

According to Microsoft, OCF will be released by early 2017 when it integrates with Windows 10. Once this is in effect, users can use their mobile device, Xbox consoles or even their Raspberry Pi 3-enabled devices to control their home automation devices.

Until then, we will have to just wait for more updates, upgrades and optimizations for the OCF project to ensure the smart home supremacy in this very young and untapped consumer market. Windows 10 IoT will truly change the way we look at our computers as well as how we interact with our homes. Tech-wise, everything is looking very exciting.

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