Internet of Things – Netherland’s Smart Home Technology

Internet of Things in Netherland is going to create a smart home network nationwide

Internet of Things

It looks like the Netherlands is going to be the first country in the world to fully support and utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) network. KPN, a Dutch telecoms group, has been planning for home automation for quite a while and they finally have it. With the first-ever dedicated network for IoT, the Netherland is going to experience what modern luxury living is really about.

According to the statement by KPN, the company has just finished their long-range network project which aims to be the backbone of the smart home network. With this nationwide smart home network, exchanging data will be faster and automation will be a breeze. The biggest benefit could come from private home owners as they can take advantage of the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things – more than just home comfort

Since the Internet of Things is becoming bigger and bigger, it now looks like several industries as well as government organizations can find the benefit of automation technology. Take Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport for example. The country’s airport uses a networked automated system that handles checking, directing, baggage loading/unloading and more.

The Netherlands is going to experience something even more very soon thanks to the internet of things. With IoT paving the way for home automation networks. It’s safe to say that Z-Wave starter kits would really kick things off right. Would implementing the internet of things technology nationwide such a good idea, or would it have potential problems?


The Tricky Side of the Internet of Things

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For some consumers, having a smart home network that does everything as advertised is too good to be true. Sure, with enough patience and understanding on how to operate and automate, you would get the desired outcome. However, when it comes to smart home security, there’s still work to be done.

According to some Dutch smart home critics, the technology still has a lot of holes especially in the security side of the internet of things. Fortunately for consumers, these vulnerabilities can be worked on by learning about your smart home controller as well as your home automation network.

In fact, we’ve recently wrote a guide on how to beat smart home hackers. Consider reading it if you’re really sure about getting smart home technology. This technology is going to change how we live our everyday lives one step at a time.

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The Internet of Things Worldwide

Internet of Things

It looks like the 2020 forecast is going as planned as more and more countries are finding the potential as well as the convenience of automation technology. Thanks to the internet of things, home automation as well as communication with other smart devices across the network has never been easier.

Consumers who are hesitant about jumping the gun can just keep doing so as the best is yet to come. The internet of things and its technology is constantly innovating, upgrading and improving things on a regular basis. As demand grows, consumers will find cheaper options for home automation devices so it’s a win-win, regardless.

Internet of Things