Smart Home Appliances and Devices Today

How Smart Home Appliances Improved Lives

smart home appliances

The era of home automation living is definitely here. We are living in a world where it is possible to never mess with light switches again. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smart home technology has evolved and adapted well enough that they can be seen as replacements for your “dumb” appliances.

Today’s smart home appliances bring the best convenience one could ask for. From color-changing smart LED lights to voice-activated smart home controllers. Everything you need to improve your quality of life is possible. Consumers today who are looking to upgrade their home living experience should grab their own Z-Wave starter kit to get started.


Five Smart Home Appliances that can change your life

2016 is a really exciting time for smart home appliances. This year alone, we’ve seen some interesting innovations. Today, we’re going to feature 5 of the most amazing smart home appliances available for consumers. We honestly believe that having these home automation devices and appliances can really make your life more convenient.


Lighting Automation


Lighting automation is by far one of the most useful smart home appliances to date. Apart from the fact that most of these smart lights are using LED technology to save on energy consumption. Consumers who are still using 40-80-watt light bulbs should really consider smart LED light bulbs. Not only can it reduce the electric bill by a considerable amount, it can also give you the option to schedule the lighting outside.

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Smart Refrigerators

smart home appliances

The smart fridge aka the Internet Refrigerator is one of the best innovations in smart home appliances. Imagine a refrigerator so smart that it can order food supplies for you. Running out of eggs? Your smart fridge will handle that. Running out of milk? Your smart fridge has it covered. If you are looking to upgrade your fridge, we recommend a smart fridge.

smart home appliances

Smart Home Robot


Yes, you’ve heard it right! Asus Zenbo is your home automation personal assistant. Zenbo can assist you everywhere you are at home. Acting as a smart home controller, Zenbo can interact with other home automation devices which makes it one of the most must-haves in smart home appliances. If you find yourself needing a personal assistant for you and your kid, you will be pleased with what Asus Zenbo can offer.

smart home appliances

Appliance Automation Tools

home automation devices

One of the best things to do with dumb appliances is to make them a bit smarter. For example, a normal coffee maker can be automated to turn on and brew coffee 20 minutes before you wake up. With a Z-Wave Switch, you will be able to do that. By simply setting up the time of operation, any dumb appliance can get a bit smarter to cope up with the times. That goes to pretty much any appliance that cannot be automated. With the appliance automation tools, you can bridge the gap without spending money on new technology.

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Smart Oven

smart home appliances

For consumers who haven’t heard of Tovala yet, prepare to get your mind blown. This smart oven is actually looking to retire your conventional stove and microwave. Think of this as your personal chef with amazing heating up skills. It’s the only oven today that can heat up your food just by checking the bar code once you put the food in. Once it detects the code, it will cook it according to the instructions. Expect perfect food every time.

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