Telstra Smart Homes for Australia

Telstra Smart Homes to showcase their upcoming IoT devices to Australian consumers

Telstra smart homes

It looks like Australia is getting ready for smart home technology after all. Just a few days ago, Telstra has showcased 10 of their best home automation devices for consumers who are looking to experience the future of modern luxury living. With Telstra’s move to make every Australian capable of owning a smart home network, everything is looking bright down under.

According to Telstra themselves, the Telstra smart homes targets to have every Australian out there hooked up with smart home technology by the end of 2016. From lightbulbs, windows and door sensors to smart thermostat, Telstra is looking to provide all the basic smart home necessities a common consumer might need.

Is Australia truly ready for home automation? This huge and bold move by Telstra is surely going to create curiosities in the Australian consumer market. If they haven’t heard of Telstra smart homes before, they will surely hear about them now.

Telstra smart homes

Telstra Smart Homes and Devices offered

Telstra smart homes

So what does Telstra really offer to the consumers who are interested in availing smart home technology? With Telstra’s Connected Home plan, consumers will be able to get the option to bundle their Telstra smart homes along with their high speed broadband access as well as access to entertainment content.

Telstra smart homes aims to bring the future to every Australian out there. Consumers who will opt to choose the smart home package will have various IoT devices on their arsenal. As of the moment, there are two planned package proposals – Automation and Energy package and the Watch and Monitor package. Here are more information regarding the two packages:

  • Watch and Monitor Package
  • Comes with smart home controller, a smart home camera with motion sensing capabilities, as well as door and window sensors.
  • Highly recommended for basic smart home security monitoring.


  • Automation and Energy Package
  • Comes with smart door and window sensors, a smart home hub, a smart home camera, as well as additional smart home motion sensors.
  • Highly recommended for consumers who want to start smart home living right.

According to Telstra, these packages are available for a 24-month contract at very reasonable prices. Regardless of how much you know about Telstra smart homes, consumers are not required to learn about all the bells and whistles of their smart home network as they can opt to get support from Telstra.

As smart home technology keeps improving and improving, it’s good to know that most of the devices being created today are backwards-compatible to pre-existing smart home standards and technology available. With that being said, Telstra smart homes are going to be offered very soon to consumers that have service coverage.


Telstra smart homes

Telstra Smart Homes – Fulfilling the 2020 Forecast

Telstra smart homes

It’s no surprise that Telstra is looking very positive about the future of home automation technology in Australia and New Zealand. While there aren’t as much options available in the country, the mere fact that Telstra is offering cheap packages for everyone is a sight to behold.

But what’s really more exciting is the fact that more Australians will know about home automation technology and what it can do on a daily basis. Telstra smart homes will also give consumers the opportunity to add more home automation devices they see fit. If Telstra is using Z-Wave technology, finding smart home devices will never be a problem.

The smart home industry forecast for Australia by 2020 is really promising. According to home automation experts, the smart home revenue could tally up to 1 billion dollars (AUD) annually. Which is why we think that Telstra smart homes should be a hit in order to help bridge the gap. With smart home technology, everything can be easier.

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