Home Automation IoT is getting more attention

Home Automation IoT has the biggest potential in the Consumer Market

home automation IoT

Out of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices being sold in the consumer market today, home automation has the biggest potential of them all. Consumers today are growing more aware about the future of smart home devices and how it can impact our lives. The future is looking very bright for home automation IoT.

According to a recent survey conducted by MediaPost earlier this month, smart homes have the most potential at 27 percent. Trailing at 2nd place is Utility Monitoring at 17 percent. Surprisingly in last place is the Entertainment automation technology at 2 percent. At this pace, we can expect more smart home technology coming our way in the near future.

home automation iot

When it comes to industrial IoT, on the other hand, the demand is higher than ever. With a 32 percent rating followed by consumer electronics (28 percent), a lot of business owners are looking to lessen manpower with the help of IoT technology.

home automation iot

The Future of Consumer Home Automation IoT

Everything about the home automation IoT is exciting for every smart home enthusiast out there. 27% of the survey participants are very interested in smart home technology. Thanks to this number, the 2020 prediction is on its way into becoming a reality. Thanks to surveys like this, consumers are finally putting in their two cents when it comes to how these smart home devices operate.
When asked about the importance of using a companion app for smart home controllers as well as other devices, 88 percent of the participants find it very essential. Since almost everyone has a smartphone or a smart device handy, it is expected that these devices can be used to control your entire home. Hearing that sentence alone made most of the consumers fall in love with the potential of smart homes.
Consumers who are interested with consumer IoT may want to check the upcoming MediaPost IoT Marketing forum this August to learn more about home automation and its branches. This event in New York will make it one of the most interesting home automation IoT events this year alone.

home automation iot

More information about the upcoming Consumer Home Automation IoT Marketing Forum

Consumers who are looking to know about the next generation of smart home devices may fancy what the MediaPost IoT Marketing Forum has to offer. Marketers and brands from different parts of the country – as well as the world – will be there to show everyone about their take of home automation IoT.
The marketing forum is perfect for both newbies and avid home automation consumers as this will give participants the opportunity to see what’s in store for them in the near future. This is also the perfect place to see as well as experience the latest and greatest smart home devices available in the consumer market.
The MediaPost IoT Marketing Forum will start at 9:00 AM and would conclude at 4:00 PM. During these times, consumers will get to see new device or technology presentations and many more. Participants will also expect panels as well as keynote speakers all talking about one thing – the future of smart homes.

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