Smart Home Security Tips – How to beat Smart Home Hackers

Smart Home Hackers are real – What You Need to Know

smart home hackers

It’s not a clear surprise for several smart home device manufacturers that their products are susceptible to hacking. Given that smart home hackers are still learning ways to exploit home automation devices, there’s still hope to battle these exploits.

Consumers today who are hesitant about buying smart home products are not totally crazy when it comes to holding off on their purchase. Since there is a clear chance that your privacy might be compromised, it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious with what you add to your home network.

According to smart home technology experts, smart home security needs a lot of work. Because of the vulnerability of most smart home standard protocols – add the fact that some consumers have limited knowledge to smart home devices – it is important for consumers to be aware with smart home security.

Smart Home Hackers Awareness – Tips and Practices

smart home hackers

No matter how much we make things hacker-free, there are always loopholes and backdoors that will be exploited. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented. If you have limited knowledge when it comes to setting up smart home controllers, you might want to learn a bit more about the Internet of Things (IoT).

Fortunately for you, we have tips for the average home consumer on how to make your smart home hackers at bay. Here are some of the best tips and practices you can use to ensure that your smart home network is free from possible smart home hackers.

smart home hackers

  1. Setup a dedicated smart home network

With a dedicated smart home network, you can have the option to keep your smart home network locally. With this method, you can limit smart home hackers exponentially. The only people who can hack your network are local hackers (which is not that common). Here are some of the benefits of setting up your dedicated network:

  • Limited Accessibility
  • Network Encryption (if applicable)
  • Safe from the Internet
  • VPN-Capable

smart home hackers

  1. Setup up Power Line Communication (PLC) for better file encryption

With effective PLC as well as reliable electronic filters, file encryption has never been hassle-free. These filters help encrypt incoming and outgoing signals to ensure that it can’t be intercepted by potential smart home hackers.

smart home hackers

  1. Tamper-Proof your smart home devices when installing/mounting

Another highly-recommended practice when setting up smart home devices is tamper-proofing. Tampering is one of the most common vulnerabilities that smart home devices can have. With proper placement and tamper-proofing, you can expect an almost vulnerability-free home. Here are some tips regarding tamper-proofing.

  • Put in hard-to-reach areas where access is limited.
  • Mount smart home devices in elevated places (if necessary)
  • Use anti-theft screws for valuable smart home devices (if applicable)
  • Ensure proper cabling is implemented
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The Future

  1. Learn more about smart home technology

One of the most important factors to consider when owning a smart home is keeping yourself up-to-date. The IoT is a fascinating and rapid-growing trend for modern luxury home living. Almost every quarter, new smart home starter kits are being introduced to the consumer market. By learning more about this trend, you are one step closer to not worrying about smart home hackers.

smart home hackers

  1. Keep your smart home devices up-to-date

Yet another very important reminder when it comes to smart home devices is keeping your devices updated. Now that most smart home devices released lately are capable of over-the-air updates, it would be easier to keep your devices equipped with the best protocols and standards. This is very important especially if you want to keep the smart home hackers at bay.