Smart Home Voice Automation – The Future of Smart Home Living

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Smart Home Voice Automation is getting more and more popular among Consumers

Voice automation is starting to become a huge thing among smart home device manufacturers. This year alone, we have seen three amazing voice-activated home automation gadgets that act as the heart and soul of your smart home network. Google Home, Amazon Echo and Asus ZenBo are just among the few devices that can act as your personal home assistant.

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Now that more and more consumers are finding the possibility of having your own personal assistant at home, smart home experts believe that smart home voice activation devices will soon pop up in every part of the market. Thanks to these improvements for smart home controllers, consumers will finally have the opportunity have a fully home automated experience very soon.

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Are voice-activated devices really looking forward to? According to smart home experts, once you experience something so awesome like this, it will be hard to go back to the conventional ways of modern luxury living.

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Smart Home Voice Automation and the Consumer Market

During the Connections Conference held at San Francisco just last week, the spotlight was focused on smart home voice automation. While there are other advancements worth noting, it’s safe to say that Amazon Echo’s Alexa stole the show hands down.

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The earlier wave of consumers who purchased smart home controllers that doesn’t come with voice activation is quite a pain to operate nowadays. Sure, having the ability to control the lighting or room temperature via smartphone is an awesome feat. However, if a simple “Please turn on the air conditioning later at 8:00PM” would suffice, it’s safe to say that people who don’t have smart home voice automation would want this in their lives.

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At this point in time, Apple is also looking to have a piece of the pie. While we are still unsure with what Apple’s HomeKit has in store for us, we will find out very soon as the next Apple event is just around the corner. With Google Home and Asus ZenBo looking to have a slice of the pie as well, finding the best one for their budget will leave them with something useful.

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Consumers who are still holding back on their purchase may find the future of smart homes to be much simpler to control and automate. On top of that, it will probably include more sophisticated features to make modern luxury living a real breeze.

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Smart Home Voice Automation vs Conventional Smart Home Controllers

Having the ability to leave voice commands to make something happen in your home is an amazing feat. However, sometimes smart home voice automation has its limits. Because this technology is still a work in progress, it’s safe to say that it is not 100% perfect. It’s always nice to have a backup just in case things go south.

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With conventional smart home controllers where you can typically see at Z-Wave starter kits for sale, you will have the capability to control and automate each smart home device you have in your area. Sure, it’s not as smart as voice activation, but it’s smart enough to get the job done. Consumers who are hesitant of getting voice automation devices due to price differences may opt for conventional devices to save money.

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Regardless of the choice, it’s better to have both of these technologies under your arsenal because let’s face it, having smart home voice automation is a great option to have. Plus having a reliable backup that works is a win-win situation no matter where you look at it. At the end of the day, both of these technologies are capable of one thing – make your living experience a little bit better.