Google Home – A Smart Home Controller that will rival Alexa

Google Home looks to take the fight to Amazon’s Alexa

Roughly two days ago, an event held by Google in Mountain View, California gave smart home enthusiasts a new glimpse of what’s to come in the industry. Google is looking to take a commanding lead when it comes to home automation controllers with the help of Google Home. Is their technology enough to beat the Amazon Echo and other well-established Z-Wave home controllers?

If there is one thing that Google is great at, it’s leaving first impressions. People who were able to participate in May 18th’s Google event were blessed with tech goodies. While Daydream and Instant Apps both sound very promising, what really took center stage for most consumers is the Google Home. Packed into a tiny Bluetooth speaker, this smart home device is actually your very own personal assistant.

google hom

A thing of beauty

Available in various colors that will suit your taste, Google Home aims to be the leading smart home controller by the time of its release. Claiming to be better than Echo’s Alexa, Google boasts about Home’s capabilities as a personal assistant. As long as you have all the bells and whistles available in your smart home network, Home will deliver.

google home

Get to know Google Home, Amazon Echo and Z-Wave Home Controllers

The battle for smart home controller supremacy is far from over. As much as we would love the Google Home hype train, there is a lot of uncharted territories out there for Google. Amazon had a fair amount of head start. Would that be enough to battle the pioneers? We’ll see soon enough.

When you put it on paper, Google Home really looks promising. Home is looking to support a wide range of smart home lighting and monitoring devices. Packed with speakers that common listeners would be delighted to, this device is a really handy tool. Imagine asking Google itself about your questions. No more typing. Feeling a bit cold? Hook up your smart AC to the smart home network and tell Home to warm the room up.

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Worth the wait?

Up next is a product we already talked about last year, Amazon Echo. With over thousands of happy customers, you can really tell that Amazon did a good job with Echo as well as Alexa. Primarily a Bluetooth speaker, the Echo comes with a personal assistant that can do a lot of things (although Google Home claims to be better… well see) from playing music to controlling your smart home lighting and other devices. Compatible with a lot of notable products such as WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, and more.

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The first voice-activated smart home device?

Now, let’s talk about z-wave smart home controllers. These smart home devices have been around since the early generation of smart home devices were made. Products like the Fibaro Home Center 2, as well as something simple such as the Aeon Labs Z-Stick USB Gen5 spell simplicity like no other. Sure, you may lack voice-activated commands, but you will still have full customizable control with Z-Wave devices. With over thousands of Z-Wave devices available today, it won’t be hard to establish your smart home network.

Aeon Labs Z-Stick Aeon Labs Z-Stick

Google Home and Smart Home Technology

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The Future

Consumers who are looking to purchase a Google Home should sign up to their newsletter to have a more accurate release date. Rumored to be released by autumn in North America, we can all but wait. On the bright side, Google Home looks to be a great addition to your smart home network especially if you need voice activation in your life.

With Google Home coming this year, will it be enough to take the center stage for this year’s best smart home device? Time will only tell. For the meantime, it would be best to prepare for Google Home if you feel the need for it. Otherwise, keep waiting for more upcoming home automation devices that will surely leave an impact in the smart home industry.