Smart Home Real Estate Education by Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Smart Home Real Estate Education Curriculum for the Coldwell Banker Network

smart home real estate

Yes, you heard it right. One of the most established real estate firms in the United States is offering a crash course related to smart home education. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, one of the pioneers of Silicon Valley’s real estate ventures, recently announced the proposed smart home education curriculum.

The smart home real estate education curriculum aims to inform affiliated brokers and agents of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC regarding the convenience, security and comfort that consumers and potential homeowners are looking forward to in a home.

With a joint partnership with CEDIA, affiliated brokers and agents will have to go through Coldwell Banker University where a certified CEDIA instructor would await participants. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to ensure that each real estate agent of the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Network is well-equipped with smart home technology.


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According to CEDIA, the curriculum is specifically focused on how the smart home technology has evolved through the years. They will also tackle about how smart home devices today can bring convenience and savings smart homes can bring.

With the evolution of smart home technology as well as the conveniences it can bring, the curriculum will also focus on how to train affiliates about the complexities of smart home technology and its network. It’s safe to say that each attendee is also expected to learn how to set up a smart home network on their own.

From installation of smart home devices, to setting it up to the smart home hub, the curriculum will be able to produce over thousands of well-equipped smart home real estate agents and brokers. Thanks to Coldwell Banker, experts will now be able to inform buyers about the future of modern luxury living.


Smart Home Real Estate – Future’s Homes for Today’s Families

smart home real estate

One of the best things about Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC’s smart home real estate education program is the fact that today’s sales associates who are going to sell smart homes to potential buyers are well aware of what their smart homes can do. Thanks to new smart home controllers, expanding a smart home network has never been easier.

Each agent or broker is expected to be able to understand as well as operate all the smart home devices available in the model home. Since today’s home automation devices are quite easy to operate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate is confident enough that their affiliates would be able to catch on today’s modern luxury trends.

For future homeowners who are looking for homes that offer the best luxury, convenience and comfort, a smart home real estate property is considered a must-buy. Thanks to the future generation of real estate agents and brokers, finding more about smart home technology won’t be such a hassle anymore.

Smart Home Real Estate Education – Educate yourself about smart home technology
If you are currently living in a home where you find a lot of potential for building your own smart home network, do it. The beauty about smart homes is that you don’t have to buy a smart home altogether, you can make your current home a smart home.

With careful planning and estimations, you can build a smart home network from scratch. A simple Z-Wave starter kit can really make an impact for people looking for a nice investment. Consumers who want to start little would benefit from starter kits because these bundled items are perfect for building your foundation.

Once you have an established smart home network to start with, building the rest of your smart home would be very easy. Expanding your lighting automation would be very beneficial especially when you consider the electrical savings you will get with Smart LED bulbs. With a home controller and smart lighting within your network, it’s safe to say that you will definitely feel a difference.