Smart Home Stores – London has a Physical Store for IoT

Smart home stores are usually limited to online transactions until recently. In London, there is a department store named John Lewis, which specializes in smart home technology. This place offers 1,000 square feet of space for various smart home devices. If you are looking to see firsthand what the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about, it is best to visit John Lewis.

John Lewis offers a showroom-like feel inside the store as consumers will get to see every gadget on display. Here’s the kicker – most, if not all of these devices can be controlled by your smartphone! From your living room to your garage, there are the right smart home devices that you will find useful in that place.

While shopping at the comfort of your home is convenient by all means, being able to test out a device with your smartphone before you buy it is a more sound investment. Being able to visit a physical store filled with smart home goodies is a dream come true for home automation aficionados as you will literally have the option to try out the device at physical smart home stores as opposed to doing it online.


One of the First Smart Home Stores this 2016


It’s safe to say that John Lewis is among the first to ever create a store dedicated to smart home technology. Because of the attention it is getting from consumers, it is highly likely that we will get to see more smart home stores popping around the corner at this rate.

Smart home critics were talking about this years ago. According to Richard Dwyer, a Critical Analyst for a marketing firm, in order for smart homes to become mainstream, you would need smart home stores for consumers to try and experience it without being overwhelmed. Another concern for Dwyer is the fact that smart home technology may not be easy to the average Jane and Joe.

One of the biggest selling factors for smart home devices in today’s consumerism is the idea that we need to upgrade our appliances every few years. Now that smart home tech is becoming mainstream, people who visit John Lewis will not only be able to own a new refrigerator, but a SMART refrigerator. People won’t just get a TV, they will get a SMART TV. With this in mind, consumers who have purchased these appliances and electronics are one step closer to putting all them together.


Smart Home Stores – John Lewis’ Featured Home Automation Products

smart home stores

Welcome to the Future

Since we’ve mentioned earlier that inside John Lewis is like a showroom. In each category, there are featured products that will make your home life more enjoyable. From smart home monitors to amazing smart locks, you will find it here. To make it easier for you, here are the categories expected at John Lewis:

If that is not enough, John Lewis is even offering advice when it comes to building and finding the right smart home devices for you. Consumers who are looking for a totally new upgrade that is sure to be future-proof, head over to this place.

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This is a Smart Living Room

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Smart Home Tech

smart home stores

Can you imagine living like this?

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Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart Home Stores – Welcome to the Future


Now that smart home stores are now a reality, it’s more than safe to say that we are living in the future. It looks like the 2020 prediction is right on schedule. John Lewis is just one of the many smart home stores that will soon be found around the globe. Now is the perfect time to invest on smart home technology.

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A Dazzling Smart Kitchen

Consumers who are truly hesitant about the current technology surrounding home automation may visit any smart home stores located near you. This way, you can interact with the sales representatives as well as field experts so you would be better equipped with knowledge. With the right information, setting up your smart home network doesn’t need to be complicated.

smart home stores

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