Samsung SmartThings Not Looking Too Well

Samsung SmartThings has been on a rough patch lately as this past few months gave the company a lot of headaches. Known to be hampered by a lot of glitches as well as bugs, Samsung is looking to discontinue the smart home venture they were optimistic about last year.

It all started with buggy automated actions. Instead of giving a consumer a good night’s sleep, she was woken up with poorly setup smart home security devices. Samsung SmartThings was supposed to provide a more convenient way of looking at modern luxury living. Instead, it gave potential consumers a bad experience when it comes to the Internet of Things.

Because of software glitches, consumers get skeptical about smart home technology. What happened to Samsung SmartThings is yet another example.

Samsung SmartThings

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Notable Samsung SmartThings Complaints

Samsung SmartThings

It is truly a discouraging effort for Samsung SmartThings. Because of the hype it brought to the table, a great amount of consumers just thought twice about smart home controllers. Here are some of the notable complaints received by SmartThings:

  • Unreliable Smart Home Security parameters
  • A hassle to setup
  • Lighting Automation doesn’t work as expected
  • Frequent Device Disconnections (sync issues)
  • Bad user and platform experience

Samsung SmartThings

Of all the complaints, the most Samsung SmartThings have gotten in the recent months is its capability (or lack, thereof) to connect the smart home network reliably. Since a lot of consumers today who are knowledgeable to smart home technology know that this flaw can be a huge deal breaker for Samsung. In fact, the glitch apparently happens when multiple devices are connected to the network. Bad news, indeed.


Samsung SmartThings Still Optimistic

Samsung SmartThings

At this day and age, it’s quite common especially for consumers nowadays to purchase a product that is still a work in progress. From app and game development to start-up companies, people are getting hooked on things being worked on. For the Samsung SmartThings’ case, experts believe there’s still time to work things around.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and TVs. That is two of the most used devices today. If Samsung decides to incorporate Samsung SmartThings to all of their flagship TVs and smartphones, it would STILL spring interest in their target market. Consumers would still talk about smart home technology and how they can eventually join the trend.


Samsung SmartThings vs Z-Wave

Samsung SmartThingsSamsung SmartThings

A lot of consumers are getting lost in the idea of choosing which smart home standard to choose: Z-Wave or something new? While SmartThings is backed up by Samsung, Z-Wave Alliance has been around ever since smart home modernization has been in talks. Z-Wave Starter Kits are one of the most sought-after IoT device today because of the possibilities you can start with.

If you are planning to start your own smart home network very soon, it’s safe to say that Z-Wave is the better choice at the moment due to reliability alone. With Z-Wave smart home devices, you will have hundreds of options to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can customize from up to thousands of possible combinations.

While Samsung SmartThings looks very promising, it’s safe to just wait it out until they have a more stable operating system and equipment. For the meantime, Z-Wave is here to stay and it only gets better and better.

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