Smart Home Manufacturers invited to TecHomeX Keynote Luncheon

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Leading Smart home manufacturers are expected to attend the TecHomeX Keynote Luncheon that is going to take place in Orlando, Florida on March 22, 2016. The theme, “Go Smart, Fast of Get Left Behind” will take place from 12:00-1:15pm. This event is going to be hosted by Lutron who is one of the industry’s leaders in energy-saving, eco-friendly lighting solutions.

With the growing need for smarter homes, TecHomeX aims to gather the world’s leaders in the smart home industry and talk about how they could all help push the industry to even greater heights. Smart home manufacturers who got invited will surely be delighted with the event as four high-profile keynote speakers are expected to present.


TecHomeX Presentations for the Smart Home Manufacturers

smart home manufacturer

The one hour and 15 minute luncheon will be promising to watch as several industry leaders present their case as to how the smart home manufacturers can help improve the ecosystem of home automation devices. According to TecHomeX, the four presenters for the March 22nd Luncheon are:

  • Joe Sullivan – Center for Realtor Technology, National Association of Realtors
  • Jacob Atalla – Vice President of Sustainability, KB Home
  • David Weinstein – Vice President of Residential Sales, Lutron
  • Tim Costello – CEO, BDX

These four presenters are hoping to deliver the right push we need to bring the smart home manufacturers and home construction industry together.


What Smart Home Manufacturers can expect at the TecHomeX event

Expect these presenters to talk about connecting the smart home manufacturers to the home construction industry to ensure that the future houses and buildings to be constructed would be smart home-ready. With that being said, it’s safe to say that it is important to accelerate and innovate modern luxury homes with reliable technology.

If the keynote luncheon becomes successful at bringing the message, you can expect real estate agents to add smart home technology on their “new things to learn” book. This keynote is very promising for leading smart home manufacturers as they have the opportunity to provide thousands of devices that can make a smarter home.

The future is looking very bright for the smart home industry as well as home construction industry. If everything falls into plan, we are looking at the next-generation of houses that will provide shelter to the next-generation of families in the coming years. And once the trend catches in, you can expect more smart home manufacturers to help upgrade the not-so-smart homes.


Key Takeaways for Smart Home Manufacturers and Home Builders

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March 22, 2016 will truly be an exciting event for the smart home manufacturers as well as the realtors, real estate agents and everything in between. People who are looking to gain knowledge in the industry may want to clear their schedules for March 22 as this event is going to make an impact. Either way, here are going to be the key takeaways for the upcoming event:

  • Real Estate Development and Realtors: Learn how smart home manufacturers can bridge the gap between properties full of potential into a smart home property. Realtors will find the best smart home technology has to offer today.
  • Integrators and Contractors: Explore new paths to hasten up the potential revenue growth by taking advantage of the value of technology and avoid collecting smart home devices that will bring no advantage at home.
  • Builders and Remodelers: Find new ways to connect with the best smart home manufacturers as well as align with the best brands worldwide to ensure minimal risk and maximum potential to increase your reputation.
  • Everyone: Learn more about smart home technology as well as home technology as it grows into new heights. From new constructions to upgrading your existing home markets, everyone will have the general idea after the luncheon.


Z-Wave Alliance LLC and Smart Home Manufacturers for TecHomeX

smart home manufacturer

People who are in for the TecHomeX convention may want to check out the speaker for Z-Wave Alliance this March 21st, 2016. The Executive Director of Z-Wave Alliance will take the center stage on the first day of the TecHomeX event in Florida as he looks to be speaking in two panels.

He will be discussing the new and exciting innovations and technology in store for smart home aficionados. Learn more about a monitored home market and how home automation can affect the smart home security.

Make sure to save the date (March 21-23, 2016) and join the hottest technological revolution for smart homes and the real estate industry.