Smart Home Security – Introducing Dojo your Home Cyber Security Guard

smart home security

Not too long ago, we’ve mentioned that home automation has some flaws especially when it comes to smart home security. Fortunately, we have now found a simple solution to truly secure your smart home network – Dojo of Dojo-Labs. Just this Thursday, Dojo showcased the power of their device which you connect to the router of your home network to enhance your network by providing an additional layer of defense.

With the help of Dojo, you can ensure that your smart home network will be safer in terms of potential hackers penetrating your network via exploitable loopholes within the smart home network. By preventing attacks as well as backdoor access to unauthorized users, you can make sure that your home network is safer than ever. Since it is powered by smart home technology, it has the capability to become as smart as your home automation devices the longer you let it stay connected to your network.


Making Smart Home Security Safer with Dojo

What does Dojo do in a nutshell? Well, for starters, it uses state-of-the-art technology that is used in the corporate world in terms of security and privacy. It has the power to prevent malicious threats to even enter your home network. It also has the capability to detect intrusions by working seamlessly with your smart home devices connected on the network. By detecting unusual behavior signatures, Dojo will track and monitor unusual behaviors coming from your smart home network and fixes the issue without your help.

With the Dojo, you can expect smart home security like no other especially if you find your smart home network to be a likely target of cyber criminals. Because this smart home device has a hardware and mobile component, you will never be having problems hooking it up to your router. If you have limited to no knowledge when it comes to your smart home network and security, you will really love what the Dojo can offer.

Smart Home Security Like No Other

smart home security

The beauty about technology today is that updates are being rolled out on a regular basis. Dojo acts like your computer’s antivirus where it gets updated regularly especially when new threats arise. It is also capable of learning from other home networks connected online so you will have minimal supervision when it comes to operating it. If that is not enough, this smart home device is as basic as basic could ever be – just hook it up and you’re good to go! Dojo-Labs claim that this device is a dummy-proof device so you can ensure that using and operating it is such a breeze.

If you really want to make sure that you’re smart home network is hacker-free and reliable, you can count on Dojo and its amazing features. The only time you would need to tinker with your smart home security is when you will have to add new devices in your home network. When that time comes, all you need to do is to allow that home automation device within your network and you’re good to go. Trust us, it’s that simple.


Smart Home Security Game-Changer

It is without a doubt that the Dojo is an amazing addition to smart home security considering that we still need a lot of improvements and innovations in terms of home security. Experts claim that Dojo is truly a game-changer especially if you are using the earlier generations of smart home devices within your network.

With the help of Dojo, you will literally have more peace of mind as you will have the assurance of not having security vulnerabilities within your smart home network. Surely, there will come an instance where there will be exploits to be discovered but for the time being, it’s more than safe to say that Dojo is one of the best options you can use to make sure your smart home security is reliable.