Home Security Made Easier with Smart Home Monitors

In an age where technology is being a common prerequisite in homes, especially in the modern age – where crime rates are getting higher by the annum – an estimated 38% increase in home-related crimes from home invasion, burglary and even high risk crimes such as homicide, we really need to do the necessary precautions to make our homes safe. Finding the right smart home monitors will greatly help make your life easier and safer.

No matter how vigilant some people might be, without the right technology assisting them with their home security, it will really be hard to keep your family as safe as you want, because really you can’t predict the future. Even modern homes on high class and heavily guarded communities aren’t safe anymore. That is why we need to improve our homes by starting to research on Smart Home Monitors that would prevent such break-ins or crimes, being extra careful wouldn’t hurt.


Essential Smart Home Monitors

One of the best things with having smart home monitors is that you can monitor every part of your home using a computer or even your smart phone. So what kind of smart home security can we use to make sure our homes are safe? Here are some of the common smart home monitors around today:

Smart Home Locks

smart home monitors

With smart home locks, you will get the opportunity to let your doors unlock for you once you’re near the vicinity of your home. With the help of other smart home monitors perfectly set around your house, you will have the option to never fiddle with keys again.

Smart Home Controllers

smart home monitors

Behind every well-built smart home is the smart home controller – the heart of your home automation needs. Hooking up your smart home monitors with an effective smart home controller is going to make home automation and surveillance much easier.

Smart Home Sensors & Security

smart home monitors

From cameras, to motion sensors, smart home sensors and security devices are your ultimate companions when it comes to making your home smarter and safer. By ensuring that your home is well covered with cameras and sensors – as well as the option to call the police without picking up the phone – you and your family will surely enjoy the privacy and security you deserve.


Smart Home Monitors for Everyone

Smart Home Monitors

A couple of years back, technology such as Smart Home monitors are just for people who are well off or in the upper-class to maybe upper middle class. Why? Because the cost alone would be a big dent on anyone’s bank account. Fast forward to today, you will see that there are entry-level smart home monitors that would give you the same benefits but isn’t too heavy in your pocket. The common misconception with high tech home security is the money you need to put out to achieve such level of security, there are actually choices if you know who to talk to in terms of home security technology.

“That is the basic mistake people make, they already look at it as unpractical but when trouble comes, it’ll be too late for them to consider. People would really need to act vigilant and be looking over their shoulder more, doing a research on your own wouldn’t hurt.” Sgt. Brandon Willis of San Diego Police Department, who happens to be a home security expert as well. “We happen to have a lot of inquiries for such security measures especially in the areas such as Otay and Eastlake. The thing is with the gang community getting bigger the crimes related to home invasion is also being a hot topic.” He added.

Over the course of the years, with the demand of home security has saw a significant growth from 12% in 2012 to 73% in early 2014, the question is why such demand on the span of only 2 years? It is because people are getting more aware of their surroundings, they are getting more involved in protecting their territory and getting their family secured. Smart home monitors have given families a safe option as they are able to record and be alarmed if a break-in happens or someone who isn’t in their face recognition banks of their Smart Home monitors is detected. There are a lot of cases where Smart home monitors have save lives just by preventing a crime from happening, just because the home owner was able to identify who are the people entering their premises.

There are a lot of measures that one can do but if you don’t do your own research and talk to the right people, it will be hard to give you the satisfaction for the security you desire. Remember that not all homes can be safe, no matter where you live, no matter what status you are in, if it happens to you, you need to be ready. Smart home monitors can be an integral part in your home security, be sure to look into it and consider having a safer home.