Logitech Harmony Hub – More Smart Home Hubs have entered the Race

smart home hubs

Just about a week ago, consumers who are still using Z-Wave or Zigbee technology are in for a treat as Logitech just announced that they are adding another worthy product for their smart home hubs – the Harmony Home Hub Extender. This smart home hub extender is yet another fantastic release from one of the most well-respected computer accessory and peripheral manufacturers today and they are looking to beef up their line up for home automation devices.

Logitech’s Harmony Remotes are part of the Home Living Line which aims to provide the convenience of smart home technology right at your fingertips. With the addition of the Harmony Hub Extender, the company has released seven amazing products to make home living easier and simpler. With the Harmony Hub Extender at your disposal, you will be able to maximize the limit of your network as well as have the opportunity to use the best of both worlds (Z-Wave and Zigbee) with great ease.

Consumers who are looking for reliable smart home hubs will find that the Logitech Harmony Hub is an amazing starter option due to the fact that it has access to over hundreds of Z-Wave and Zigbee-based devices. People who are planning to purchase Z-Wave starter kits may find that the Harmony Hub is a nice option to consider as well especially if you want something that integrates with Zigbee’s line up of smart home devices.


Logitech Harmony Hub and the rest of the Smart Home Hubs today

smart home hubs

It is without a doubt that a handful of consumers will be curious as to what Logitech has to offer when it comes to their take on smart home devices. While still relatively young in the game, the Harmony Hub as well as the Harmony Hub Extender is looking to become a nice device to test the waters for smart home newbies. Paired up with a nice smart home remote, consumers will have the capability to control their smart home device’s parameters with ease. Surely, there would be complications at first, but that is expected for now.

What sets the Logitech Harmony Hub apart from other smart home hubs around today, is the fact that the Harmony Hub – along with the Harmony Remote – is geared towards the home entertainment side of things. Don’t get us wrong, we believe that the Harmony Hub is capable of doing other smart home stuff, too. But just by looking at Logitech’s universal remote alone, you will already have an idea that this will work best with your home theater and more.

With the Harmony Hub, consumers won’t have to decide whether to get Z-Wave or Zigbee which leaves them more room to customize their home entertainment setup to get that perfect fit. While other smart home hubs can do what the Harmony Hub can do, the fact that this smart home hub may cost even less than the competitors but packs more punch to arouse smart home skeptics lurking around the web. If you happen to be one of them and you have the money to spend, the Harmony Hub is probably one of the smart home hubs you will consider buying as a starting option.


An Entertainment Smart Home Hub like no other

smart home hubs

It’s safe to say that the Logitech Harmony Hub is the perfect way to make your home entertainment a little smarter. Owners of the AppleTV may find this device to be of great use especially if you want more content. With this device, you can schedule your routine through their smart home app. Compatible for both Android and iOS, taking control of your home has never been easier.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for making your home theater less dumb then getting the Logitech Harmony Hub is a no-brainer. Should you decide to add more components inside your home, you will finally have the option to do so, plus more. If you feel like extending the range of this device, simply get the Harmony Hub Extender and enjoy the seamless experience that only the privileged ones used to have. Welcome to the future!