Smart Home Devices – What’s next for the Wink Hub?

In case you haven’t heard, Quirky just announced their bankruptcy last month so people who are using the Wink Hub and their other smart home devices? At the moment, people can buy the Wink Hub for as low as $50 USD which is one of the cheapest and most-used smart home hub today; the catch – you won’t be expecting progress with it.

Given that such companies like Quirky made something revolutionary – regardless of the Wink Hub’s flaws – it seems that most consumers nowadays are not totally good to go in terms of buying smart home devices. You really can’t blame the consumers nowadays considering that there are a lot of manufacturers trying to reach the top of the smart home market.

Despite how devastating it is for Quirky to be bankrupt simply due to mismanagement, you can never deny the fact that consumers who are quite hesitant to try smart home devices may do so now especially that the price for the Wink Hub and Relay have dropped. It is also important to note that the Wink Hub is still compatible with a lot of home automation devices available today. This is a great opportunity for people who are looking for a good entry-level smart home.


Is this the end for the Wink Hub?

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As gloomy as it may sound, the Wink Hub, along with the thousands of consumers who uses it, may still have a future. Rumor has it that Flextronics just offered a 15-million dollar (US) deal for Wink. Considering that there are a lot of innovations happening in the smart home industry, a reputable brand like Wink will still make a good impact in the industry. If a good company buy the rights of Wink, you can expect it to become a major player in this game.

Then again, continuing what the Wink Hub has started so far is really not an easy feat considering that there are already similar products that are making better improvements on a regular basis. Sure, compatibility-wise, the Wink Hub is more superior, but when it comes to seamless operation and better results, it’s safe to say that the difference in price range will be significant.

Whether Wink will be purchased by a different company or not is something consumers should not be worried about. The fact that you can have smart home devices such as the Wink Relay and Wink Hub for reasonable prices should get you excited enough to try the smart home revolution.


The Future of Smart Home Devices


What happened to Quirky is really unfortunate for the smart home industry, however, the show must go on. So far, things are really looking bright for smart home devices. This year alone has been really exciting. Now, consumers have more options to check out as well as exciting gadgets to make their lives at home easier.

As for the future of smart home devices, we can only expect more big name companies to join the club. The industry is looking to spend around 100 billion USD by 2020 which is a great sign for people who are still hesitant to switch to smart home living. If you are one of the people who are still thinking twice about getting smart home devices, the choice is up to you. You can either buy something like the Wink Hub to get you a taste of what smart home living can do or you can jump right in by getting the high-end stuff available today. At the end of the day, we all share one goal – to make our house learn a little bit more about us.