5 Reasons to Consider Smart Home Technology in your Home

At this point in time, almost everything around us are somewhat “smart”. Be it your phone, tablet or even computer, making everything work under one network has become a reality. With the help of home automation, you can now have the power to pimp your home with smart home technology. In Australia and New Zealand alone, there are already a lot of households that adapted this new technology, is it time to make a change, too?

Whether you like it or not, the smart home revolution is already under way and you can either embrace it or avoid it like a plague. While there are people who swear that too much technology is bad for you, you can never ignore the benefits as well as the convenience smart home technology can bring you. So with that being said, here are some reasons why you should consider making your home smart.

  1. Light Automation will change your life

smart home technology

With the help of smart home technology, you will never even bother flicking a switch ever again. It feels so awesome that you can set your lights to turn on the minute you walk into the room and turn itself off the minute you left. Talk about sorcery, folks.

Apart from the fact that smart light bulbs are cheaper to maintain in the long run, it is also perfect for people who can’t be bothered turning the lights on/off. Another cool feat is that you don’t have to adjust the timing of the lights all the time; with the help of your home controller, you can pretty much set a schedule when the lights should go on/off.

But wait, there’s more! Ever dreamt that you can dictate the mood of a certain room by the amount of brightness it can deliver? With this smart home technology, you have complete control. Since smart homes work under one network, you can personally control any possible light setting (that your product is capable of, that is) you can think using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Need to make the room romantic? Want to dim the lights when watching a movie? All of these is possible with just a few taps.


  1. Smart Home Security is a game-changer

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They say that you can never really put a price on safety and security. Thanks to smart home technology, you can bridge the gap between not knowing and knowing what comes next. With the help of smart cameras that are strategically placed around your home, you will never have to worry about unwelcomed guests.

Here’s the best part: you can set up your smart home security to call authorities if there is potential danger lurking about. With the help of motion sensors and cameras, you will have the power to monitor each movement as well as observe what’s happening in your home. If you happen to get smart locks as well, you will have the opportunity to go in and out of your home without a key.


  1. Smart Homes are more energy-efficient

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Whether you believe it or not, smart home technology is eco-friendly and it will help you lessen the expenses with electricity. We often tend to leave several appliances plugged in because we either forgot about it or we are just too lazy to unplug them every time you leave the house. Fortunately for you, if you get hooked up with smart home technology, your home controller will pretty much get turn off unneeded appliances and electronics when you’re away.

While it may not sound like a big deal right now, those excess electricity that you don’t really use usually add up to your monthly bill. With a properly setup smart home, you will be able to monitor your energy usage as well as control home appliances and electronics to save up on electricity. If you find yourself to be a victim of constantly forgetting to turn off unneeded power in your home, you will greatly benefit from smart home technology.


  1. There are a lot of Smart Home Devices to choose from

Z-Wave Alliance

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ZigBee Alliance Logo. (PRNewsFoto/ZigBee Alliance)

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We are really reaching the pinnacle of smart home technology and yet, experts believe that we’re just getting started. They believe that smart home market will become even larger by 2018 according to Markets and Research from Dublin, Ireland. Since this technology would both benefit the upper class as well as the masses, it’s safe to say that this is the new path most of us will lead into.

At this point, you can only expect new innovations, features, as well as upcoming smart home manufacturers on a regular basis due to the amount of potential there is in smart home technology. Gone are the days where you would have to stick with one network platform (see Z-Wave and Zigbee). And here’s the best part: it’s up to you to decide the best time to join the smart home revolution. You can either join the fray now or wait it out until smart homes are super mainstream.


  1. Smart Home Technology is here to stay

smart home technology

Yes, you heard it. Now that there are countless smart home manufacturers out there and almost everyone is into anything “smart”, you can only expect more things to come. Here at Smart Home City, we are very excited about the trend of smart home devices getting the much deserved attention. In fact, we are even generous enough to offer amazing starter kits for people who have minimal knowledge when it comes to home automation.

We’re heading to a generation where keys would become irrelevant to open and close doors, drawers, cabinets and more. You can really say that the future is here! Imagine what smart home technology can offer us a decade from now. Who knows? We might be super advanced that it will make The Jetsons look prehistoric. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of being able to communicate as well as control your home as if it were part of the family.