Learn How Smart Homes Change Lives

In a recent article from Washington Post regarding smart homes, they discussed how one person made it a lot easier for him to watch over his mother despite being an hour away from his mom’s house. With the use of today’s smart home devices, it is possible to take care of someone using home automation technology.

Steve Lee, director of technical services at Universal Devices located in Encino, was able to monitor his 80 year-old mother with the use of smart home cameras connected to the home controller. With this setup, he can tell what time his mother gets out of bed as well as well as monitor her medication intake without actually being there.

We think that Steve Lee’s method of smart home monitoring is a lot better than sending your mom and/or dad to a nursing home due to the fact that they won’t have to leave the comfort of their homes and follow a strict schedule. If you are finding yourself in a similar situation, you might find that smart home technology can really improve lives.

Another notable story regarding a family that has a well-equipped smart home network is the story of the Lauterettes. According to the Lauterette family, their smart camera was able to record a hit-and-run incident in Leesburg. With the help of their footage, they were able to make the suspect turn himself in. The Lauterettes are happy with their smart home network as they were able to help Leesburg police to make their community a much safer place.

Start Your Own Smart Home Story Today

There’s no denying that smart home devices are here to make our lives easier by making everything connected. Because of the fact that there are literally hundreds of home automation companies making smart home devices on a regular basis, you can never go wrong with an investment like this. With the help of smart home starter kits as well as individual home automation parts, you can start your smart home story with a great beginning.

The beauty about starting up from scratch when it comes to home automation is that you have a great number of options regarding devices. If you are looking to start slow, you can always start with a smart home controller and some smart LED lights to get you started right when it comes to home automation lighting.

Once you are confident to upgrade some more, you can either make your normal appliances become “smart” by using smart in-line switches for appliance automation, energy monitoring as well as lighting automation. With these on your arsenal, you can confidently say that your home is an up-and-coming smart house.

If you really want to complete the smart home lifestyle for that ultimate convenience and modern luxury feeling, you have to buy smart locks, cameras and sensors for your entire house so you can monitor everything via your smartphone, tablet or computer. There is no limit as to what you can customize within your home just as long as you must remember that not all smart home controllers work with each other – unless you’re using a smart home hub like Samsung’s Smart Things.