Microsoft’s Windows 10 is going to be a Smart Home Device Game-Changer

Windows 10 is officially rolling out on July 29, 2015 and everyone in the tech industry is both excited and anxious as to what we are about to experience. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors as it comes with features that both veteran users and beginners will love.

But the biggest news here is not actually about the amazing features we are going to expect; Windows 10 has a hidden unannounced feature – smart home device integration. Yes, you heard it right, Microsoft is now joining the battle for smart home supremacy.


What Windows 10 adds to the Table?

Back in November of last year, Microsoft has silently announced that Windows 10 is going to use a technology protocol called AllJoyn. This technology is an open source framework that bridges connections from one smart home device to another. You can say that AllJoyn is going to be your smart home controller.

While we haven’t seen any huge success when it comes to its biggest rival, Apple with its Apple HomeKit, Microsoft is looking to do something that would benefit different manufacturing companies. With over 150 companies accepting the AllJoyn protocol, you can expect a true open source standard for your smart home devices.


More About AllJoyn

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AllJoyn is a smart home control protocol that has been developed by the AllSeen Alliance. This smart home device alliance is backed up by more than 150 companies ranging from small time companies and the latter. According to Philip DesAutels, the senior director of the Internet of Things for The Linux Foundation, AllJoyn is going to serve as the backbone of the smart home interface, he adds that it is like a dial-tone for things.

What AllJoyn has to offer compared to other alliances such as the Zigbee Alliance and the Z-Wave Alliance, integrating all your smart home devices has never been easier as it gives consumers the true plug-and-play experience when installing AllJoyn-Certified smart home devices. They also state that whatever smart home products you buy, you can expect that AllJoyn will be able to run it.

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Changing the Way We See Smart Homes

There are a lot of skeptics when it comes to what Windows 10 will bring to the smart home device table, as we speak, but I think we will never know until launch day, which is just a few days away. If what Microsoft and AllSeen Alliance are talking about is true, this is a huge game changer for people who would like to participate in the smart home revolution.

If you have a desktop computer, a laptop or even a Windows phone or tablet, you can consider that device to be your smart home controller – that’s how powerful the AllJoyn protocol is. Compared to the Apple HomeKit, which pretty much turns your iPhone into a smart home controller, Microsoft has the upper advantage as their technology doesn’t require you to purchase any smart home controller.


Windows 10’s AllJoyn Versus Traditional Smart Home Controllers

While we can’t really measure what Windows 10’s AllJoyn can offer until we really get a chance to test it out come launch day, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re better off with your current dedicated smart home controller as it has already been proven to act as the heart and brain of your smart home network.

Having AllJoyn along with your dedicated smart home controller might open new opportunities for you especially if you are thinking about expanding your smart home device network – particularly in security and sensors.


The Deciding Factor

People who have already invested money for setting up their smart home devices may find Windows 10 to become a great addition to their home network. Who knows, this might be the greatest fix as well when it comes to the majority of smart home products’ vulnerability to hackers. If you are quite unsure with your smart home network as of yet, having Windows 10 on July 29, may be a treat for you.

However, if there’s one thing we learned from Microsoft, it’s that they have a rather sketchy record when it comes to launch day releases. Either their servers are overloaded, or there are unforeseen issues from driver-recognition, software optimization, and many more. If you have a smart home controller, you wouldn’t be tangled with that possible mess.

Would things get better for Microsoft’s launch? We will soon find out.

What Microsoft and AllJoyn has on the table is an opportunity to bridge all of your smart home technology in one amazing package. This option would be a great way to monitor everything there is to monitor within your property, assuming that you have all the basic stuff for smart homes. The bottom line here is that Microsoft’s Windows 10 is coming pretty soon and it will make our smart home devices smarter and easier to monitor and control.

For the meantime, let’s appreciate our current smart home devices and technology while we still can because I’m pretty sure a lot of people, especially long-time Microsoft users, would want to get their hands on the smart home pie.