Security Research Engineer Claims Smart Home Devices Are Not 100% Safe

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While some people have blindly followed the smart home bandwagon, a security research engineer has claimed that smart home security needs more work especially from hacker attacks. According to Colby Moore, a security research engineer from Synack – a cybersecurity firm – the state of these smart home devices are pretty atrocious at best.

According to Synack’s benchmarking and security tests, out of 16 home automation devices, only one of the 16 smart home gadgets is challenging to break open. Because of this alarming result, Synack is strongly recommending that smart home device manufacturers should be more aware of their devices’ cybersecurity capability.


Why Smart Home Device Hacking Leaves You More Vulnerablesmart home devices


Unlike a conventional home, smart homes doesn’t require you to use a key to unlock your front door. In fact, a nicely setup smart home can detect your presence meters away from your home. Depending on your preference, you can even allow the door to unlock itself as you are within feet of the door handle. Sure, this feature is something you will only see in science fiction movies, but it’s actually happening today.

Despite being this advance, several cybersecurity experts believe that this alone can’t be counted on. If a cybercriminal breaks into your home, your smart home would be vulnerable inside out. Another scary fact is that these criminals will have access to your schedule and lifestyle because of what your smart home controller has learned from you thus far. Another important concern worth noting is that if your smart home devices include smart home monitors and surveillance cameras, your attackers can take advantage of these devices once infiltrate your home network.


The Workaround

In today’s times, it’s impossible to say that every program or real-world application is flaw-proof. Even our handheld devices occasionally gets attacked by some sort of malware. However, since smart home devices are not capable of using anti-virus programs and whatnot, there’s still a chance to work things out.

These tips are perfect for people who are either planning to get their first smart home setup or for people who have already purchased their smart home gadgets. These tips are also perfect for people who already purchased their setup and they just want to learn how to keep their homes safe. Let’s get on with it.

Buy Well-Established Smart Home Devices

The common misconception about buying smart home devices is that people tend to buy these devices without properly knowing its limitations. Finding devices that promote effective security and reliability is very important. Just make sure that the device that is being purchased is truly legit and it’s not promoting security just to make a sale.

Do Your Research

Sure, reading about smart homes can be quite boring for some especially if you just want to get on with it already. If you want to make sure that you are living a 100% worry-free environment, start your smart home foundation the right way by buying smart home devices that will benefit your home and your style of living.

Update Smart Home Devices Regularly

One of the beauties of modern technology is that most smart home devices are upgradeable via firmware updates. These updates can greatly help your smart home security and privacy by implementing new protocols for making it harder for cybercriminals to hack into your home network. If your devices doesn’t come with regular updates, you should consider buying a more reliable one.

Change Your Home Network Password Regularly

No matter how clever of a password you have created months ago, there’s always a chance that your password will be figured out either by a software or by hackers. Regularly changing your password may sound boring but it will make your smart home an impenetrable cyber fortress if done right.

Smart Home Done Right

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