US-Based Mobile Carriers Set to Showcase Smart Home Technology as Added Feature

A few mobile carriers in the United States have already started offering smart home technology bundled with their smartphones. Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more popular, it’s not a surprise that tier 1 mobile service providers like AT&T and Rogers, just to name a few, have started to offer services related to home automation.

The future is looking very good for smart home technology especially now that more and more big-name companies are finding the potential that has been discovered ever since its early stages in automation; back when this was just a dream.


Mobile Carriers Need to Follow Suit

While some tier-1 carriers are already enjoying the spotlight as far as home automation is concerned, this movement is just the beginning of something more. Thanks to smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung, we can really say that smart home technology will soon become a mainstream – regardless of smart home platforms.

However, despite all the good things that we hear on trade shows, commercials and internet ads, it’s safe to say that there is still a lot of work to do. For mobile service providers, their greatest challenge would be the deployment of new business processes as well as the implementation of the “smart” ecosystem in which would be their new platform when communicating.

In other words, these mobile service carriers will become true “smart” carriers once they find a way to bridge everything together. As always, it will only be a matter of time before we see new advancements in this field.


Mobile Service Providers to become Primary Facilitators for Smart Homes

Now that mobile service providers are taking a slice of the IoT pie, it can really bring a lot of convenience, as well as options for smart home technology enthusiasts. Despite the different challenges surrounding mobile service platforms, it looks like these carriers are looking to reposition themselves to become an option for people who want to start home automation properly.

People who can’t afford to research on what’s the best option for them when it comes to smart homes will find mobile service providers to become a viable option especially when they will help you set things up properly with minimal effort on your side. Sure, some people might spend more on substandard smart home devices but as long as it works, it might be good enough for most of these people.


The Future of Smart Home Technology and Solutions

As of 2015, there are literally a dozen of good choices to use when it comes to smart home devices. Depending on the platform you would like to implement, you would have the basic necessities should you decide to purchase a set. Prices may vary especially when considering brands like Apple, so it all depends on what your budget can afford. Here at SmartHome.City, we always encourage newbies to do some research before jumping the smart home pool especially if you bought smart home gadgets randomly without the assurance of having to use these items seamlessly with one another.

If you have a limited budget, the best advice would be to consider smart home starter kits if you really want to get started right and add devices and things as you progress with your gear. Another viable option is by simply waiting it out until smart home technology is literally mainstream so that you don’t have to pay a large sum to experience the future of modern luxury living.

At the end of the day, the choice is all up to you, the consumer. If you feel that the future is now and you have enough money saved to hit the switch, go for it. Without risk-taking consumers, nobody would probably even bother to continue on with this technology. So again, it’s up to you. We have enough technology to make your home smart – you just have to glue the right pieces together.