From Z-Wave to Zigbee – Former Z-Wave Alliance Chairman Joins Zigbee Alliance

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Former Z-Wave Chairman Joins Zigbee

Mark Walters, Z-Wave Alliance’s former chairman has tested new waters as he becomes the Vice President of Strategic Development of Z-Wave’s rival: Zigbee. While this news may leave a mark to consumers who have followed Walters’ footsteps, his decision to switch sides doesn’t have any negative impact for both alliances as Z-Wave is looking to get a new leader to pave an even better way for their home automation technology.

As of today, it is estimated that Z-Wave Alliance has over 35 million devices available on the market from various vendors. Mark Walters’ move to Zigbee just shows that Z-Wave Alliance is trying to look for a more unique and effective approach to making consumers interested in smart homes. Zigbee Alliance’s move to get Walters show that they are looking for more control in the home automation market.

Taking Over The Home Automation Scene

Both Z-Wave and Zigbee Alliance paved the way for consumers who are looking for a more convenient and reliable way of modern home living thanks to countless “smart devices” resurfacing the market at a regular basis. Just this year alone, Zigbee 3.0 became one of the best home automation protocols available today.

While Zigbee owns a great majority of proprietary chipsets for OEM remote-controllers, Z-Wave Alliance is still getting more and more known for its amazing – and affordable – smart home solutions for the general masses. However, at this point in time, it seems that Zigbee Alliance is looking to push the envelope to a whole new level.

Zigbee Alliance’s Goals

One of the biggest features that keeps people excited over Zigbee Alliance is the fact that the Alliance is working on teaming up with Thread and their IPv6 protocol. With this in mind, Zigbee will be able to utilize and create an applications layer that won’t affect the regular networking protocols.

With the acquisition of Mark Walters, Zigbee is looking to help increase the awareness of the Zigbee 3.0 to the consumer market and why consumers should consider this over Z-Wave technologies. The Alliance also looks to ensure that the next wave of devices that Zigbee will release will fit perfectly for the consumers so they can have an easy and hassle-free living experience.

What the Future Holds for Home Automation

Z-Wave Alliance

While Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance are still trying to educate consumers about the benefits of turning your simple home into a smart home, it’s safe to say that people are finally getting aware of what you will need in order to have your very own smart home.

As of now, the future of smart homes looks very promising considering that there is a healthy competition going on between Z-Wave Alliance and Zigbee Alliance. With that in mind, you can expect next-generation breakthroughs at consumer-friendly prices in the future. While the future is not 100 percent clear at the moment, you can always expect that competition will bring the best and worst of both home automation alliances. One thing is for sure: this is only the beginning, and the future looks very promising.