Self Driving Revolution – A Look at the Apple Car

Automated vehicles have seen a huge surge of research in the past fifteen years, as Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Tesla Motors Inc. have invested in creating a commercially viable self-driving car. Google has seen the most success in this with their Google Car as it has driven about 300,000 miles with other cars on the road, in some cases. Variables such as the weather and dangerous terrain still impede Google’s efforts, but they are on the right track. In the future of self-driving cars, Google is beginning to see competition as Apple, another tech giant, has decided to enter the race, with their own automated vehicle; the project has been dubbed Titan.

Apple’s research for an automated car has been going on in secret, and aside from the public knowledge of its existence, the project is still heavily surreptitious. Only selective members of Apple employees have been tasked with participating in its research and development. Car experts, specifically in the field of robotics, are being consulted on its construction and development. Apple is famous for its innovation of pre-existing technologies; examples such as their iPhone smartphone and Macintosh computers give substance to their reputation. Their innovative talents are also being seen as they continue taking steps for making their own fully automated vehicle. For instance, they are looking at ways to drive the cars through connection and being partially automated, instead of solely using a system of sensors.

Speculation still surrounds the project, with information being released as it comes. Like the Google car, sightings of the Apple car are beginning to circulate throughout the internet. Only time will tell how Apple’s venture will stack up against Google’s seemingly successful product.