Top Smart Home Must-Have Gadgets for 2015

Smart homes in New Zealand and Australia, and the rest of the world, are becoming increasingly digital these days. In fact, gadget maniacs envision 2015 as a year of more automated and innovative smart-home gadgets. It is only the start of the year but wide arrays of smart home products are already making a noise in the market. The fictional gadgets and appliances you have once dreamed of are now at the reach of your fingertips.

Want your home to be a little smarter this year? Here are some of the coolest smart home systems that will bring the future right into your plates.

  1. Welcome Camera

Make your family safe with a smart-home security camera. It uses facial-recognition technology to alert you when it sees an unfamiliar face lurking in the household. Unlike the ancient closed-circuit television camera (CCTV), the smartphone app provides a minute-by-minute account of who arrived at what time. You can view it on livestream or watch the recorded videos through your SD card.

  1. The SmartLock and the August Connect

These two high-tech gizmos are this year’s king and queen of home security. Just plug your August Connect near your SmartLock to activate its Wi-Fi connectivity. With this simple step, you can now easily connect your lock to the internet and check it anytime you want, from anywhere. You can go on a vacation and still unlock the door without any trouble.

  1. H2O pot

No time to give your plants a little shower party? Worry no more because the new H2O pot is already here to save the day. With a water bottle attached to the Bluetooth-enabled device, your pot will be able to release the ideal amount of water that will fit your plant. The H2O pot releases water from a hidden ceramic chamber through different spouts.

  1. PicoBrew Zymatic

With PicoBrew Zymatic sitting at your bar, you can now throw a huge house party without disappointing your drinking buddies. This new appliance is a small brewing system that can brew 3 gallons of fresh beer in about 4 hours. Through your smartphone, you can also access hundreds of recipes in PicoBrew’s online library.

  1. The ultimate smart-home ring

This high-tech ring works magic. Wearing this ring, you can control even the biggest household appliance at a wave of your fingers. Swipe your hand and see your curtains opening automatically without exerting any effort. You can sit comfortably on the couch and still open your television with this wearable on your possession.

  1. Smart LED light bulbs

Having budget problems because of your high electric bill? These light bulbs are great power saver. Embedded with motion sensors, Stack’s Alba Smart LED light bulbs turn the lights on and off depending on where you are. Inside a bulb is a light sensor that allows the lights to automatically change from a hard white to a softer white. Additionally, Alba bulbs work hand in hand with Nest in stabilising the temperature inside your home during the winter.

  1. Sleep Number c2 Bed

An intelligent bed that can track your sleep is exactly the answer for sweeter dreams at night. The Sleep Number c2 Bed with Sleep IQ accurately monitors your breathing, heart rate, and movement as you sleep. Using the gathered data, you can now plan how to improve your sleep quality each night. It also has an adjustable mattress that you can use to customise each side of the bed for a more comfortable sleep position.


These 7 things are some of the smartest home gadgets today. Do you have other gadgets to add? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!